The Secret Map

by The Missing Season

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The Missing Season's debut album

This album is the 17th release from french label My Little Cab Records


released December 1, 2007



all rights reserved


The Missing Season Rennes, France

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Track Name: The Secret Map
All along the city we don’t know where to go next, all along the country we don’t know where to go next. Yeah we’ve got the secret map, yeah we’ve got the secret down our soul, but we don’t know where it leads. Go round this old town, go past the church house then go straight down to the see / up the mountain. Hey! Look at the secret map! It’s torn in different ways! Oh look how far we’ve been! Oh look how far but we must part now. Oh I wish we could share again a bit of the road but we must part, the map is clear. Yeah I have the secret map, yeah I have the secret down my soul, but I don’t know where it leads
Track Name: The Unwanted Truth
I’ve seen the sunrays of dawn lighting up your face, I’m afraid you’re alone in this morning grace, you seem finally at home in the frame of this bed but the face that you see, it doesn’t fit with my name. Stop smiling like that you make me scared, you’re now so beautiful that I feel ashamed. I’ve got the past on one shoulder, secrets on the other, secrets that would mar the shining pools of your eyes. An unwanted truth has escaped the nets of my brain, and it is knocking in my head when you say you love me. I better shave my head and go in the mountains, there I’ll solve a few riddles and come back to you. But as for now here you are crying out these pure tears, maybe you don’t care to know but you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on the face of the earth. I love you more than anyone else, I love you more than anything else
Track Name: Frail Legs
Frail legs in the water (with your limbs so white and the current so fast) careful in the river (I offered you protection but I guess you’re too wild) you might wet your pretty dress (I wanted you to stay but you needed to go) go to hell you can come back up again (if the current’s too fast, I’ll be waiting on the shore). Yeah you needed to go to the river below to see where the water flows cause the calm on my face and my warming embrace doesn’t fit with your taste, but this calm on my face, when you get to this place, is all that you’ll learn to love. So then your dangerous flames so slowly, you’ll soak them up, and I’ll whistle again while chopping down the firewood for you. If you catch up with the devil I’ll be the angel by your side
Track Name: Meet Me Tonight
It was good to see you for a while and finally find the time to talk about the past and good moments that won’t last. For now I’m stuck in here, only man in the neighbourhood, I wear my crown of leaves and my sceptre made of wood. I hear you live in the center of a big city, with a shit load of cars and people busy, I guess sometimes it must feel a little dizzy. So if you’re still close enough to me, jump in the train and let it be, there is someone who’s waiting for you, somewhere you know, alone. Meet me tonight, I get lonesome I got no one now, in the backseat of my mind there’s some light. So check out your old phone book and call me now, I’m waiting.
Track Name: Avalanche
So I turn off the light and memories start to talk, should we give up tonight or should we give it a shot. And I don’t know, you don’t know where the avalanche will strike down. It’s pleasurable, enjoyable to wait for the surprise. See I’ve been thinking twice about opening my door to you and wander around where we were one year before. And we follow our ghost, a trail made of fine frost, soon we’re out in the woods, see a bed made of fine moss. But ghosts are just ghosts, numb flames in November
Track Name: Road to Never
Here I go, walking on this old dusty road with the sun warming up my face dropping sweat on this dry land. There is two of us, but you can’t always rely upon the feeling that you’re both as one, cause your heavy load makes you feel alone. And we know that something absurd ’s gonna happen, and you know it’s name is death I see it written on your faces. And you know sometimes it hits me makes me wonder how the world can spin so proud when really it’s already over. I’m on the bus to death and I enjoy the ride, I’m on the bus to death but never mind I’ll keep my smile
Track Name: Varapodio Blues
I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know it’s been a while, sometimes it makes me angry, sometimes it makes me sad. Today I feel empty; I hide in my room for company, the sound of cars passing by keep the day awake. I don’t know where I’m going; I don’t know it’s been too long, sometimes I’m scared I might get boring, sometimes I’m scared I might go mad. All alone in this fright, amongst a talkative crowd, I hide in my room for company and I wonder where you are
Track Name: Your Party Night
I drove out quiet to your party night with the sunset blinding out. Thoughts they rushed, heart was beating fast, the stereo was singing loud. Will you have eyes only for me? Cause I would die from waiting for thee. Will your first smile erase my doubts when I catch you among the crowd? I parked my car like the other guys, the stereo was singing loud. I make my way straight to the bar, I didn’t look but I know where you are. Seeing all your friends around I guess you don’t need anyone, but I’m too sad to stay, and I’m too dumb to leave. But yeah, you read my mind and tapped upon my shoulder, embraced me with a smile, and took me to the river. And in the early morning mist, wading around, biding our time. And then a kiss upon your lips
Track Name: Song for Clàr
I walked from then to now, tried to get over you somehow, facing our memories. They spring up from my mind, pounding my head, blurring my sight like does the undertow. Precious friend I’m breathing for you, when everybody will leave I wanna be with you. Precious gem I’ll die for you, on this lonesome road I’m running after you. “You’ll find someone else, the sun will shine again. I know what remains, some holy moments engraved.” Tempests build our selves; they flap the curves of our shells to shape our every cell. Soon the scenery will crumble and even so we got to be able to fulfil our destiny
Track Name: Dusk
Oh how my heart is calm, smooth red forest fruit. The day’s been long full of hopeful songs about right now. It won’t last long now the night draws on so smile out and cry. Like in the grooves of a hand flows the river in the sand: Exhalation after so much storms inhaled. Those fragrant leaves go to you, you calm heart oblivious of the morning
Track Name: Sea Change, Light Change
I’ll meet you there, after the silence of images blown away and on and out stay into the comfort and calm of this hidden day. I found a new style in the corner of the morning light (See the sea, sea the light, it’s a sea change in the light) A forlorn smile of a passer-by took me home (Say love lost, you pay the cost, but you shouldn’t bear the cross) and in her eyes see the solid joy to lean on
Track Name: Young Dream
Well I feel a young dream of my friends I, we were walking the coastal tracks among the pines, through the burning grass we got to the shore while the time was shelled by our eyes. We were unwavering in the middle of the sea, we were unwise. Oh when I look far behind I see your face dancing on the line. Waves weave a bridge of light towards the sun, and bubble staves surround the magic garden’s fun. It’s a perfect healing, a coming and going melody, we don’t notice this feeling yet it’s always travelling our bodies. The memory of this daylight now I know is on the way, but it’s so hard to make it out like a chapel lost in sea spray. Inside or outside this dream is still a tide and sometimes, a vision in my mind: Now you swim in the pacific ocean
Track Name: You Can Relax Now, It's Over
Dance round and round as the clouds roll by and dust dances up too. It took quite a long time in such a small space but now it’s plains wide and mild. Feel your blood is happy with all this joy about. Dance on and on till the night draws on and stars grow quietly bright, and so sleep is near, the first sleep we get with hands that soothe. Feel your head is dizzy with all your friends around. And now no ones around but you and me and the time has slowed down, and it’s bathed in moonlight in the clearing’s murmur that with no sound we marry